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For more information on what we offer
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Contract Staffing Solutions

Our Contract Staffing Solutions Service

During times of economic uncertainty or during a business’s busiest period employers often require additional help or temporary employment services, and thus they require effective staffing solutions to see them through a tough time. At Sustainable Placements we offer staffing solutions on both a short and long term contract basis and are able to provide your business with both skilled and unskilled individuals.

We offer a true solution based approach for our clients with our flexible staffing solutions. No matter what the size of your company or what industry you operate in we can provide you with reliable contract recruitment to see you through those tough times.

Sustainable Placements’ staffing solutions adheres to a strict selection process which ensures that we select the right individual to take up a temporary position in your business. Our workforce staffing is extremely effective because of our thorough sourcing, screening and interviewing processes. We ensure that we perform background checks on the candidates and that each candidate fits in well with your company’s code of ethics.

If you’re still not sure about staffing solutions then here’s a breakdown of what this great service can do for your business.

Reasons Why Temporary Staffing Solutions Are Perfect for Your Business

1.  Cost Effective

First and foremost, staffing solutions are extremely cost effective. By making use of temporary employment services your business can cut costs in a big way during times of economic uncertainty. Temporary employees are relatively cheap, depending on their skill-set and experience, but more often than not you don’t have to worry about a large chunk of your revenue going towards salaries. In addition, staffing solutions provide temporary individuals who are not loaded onto the company’s payroll. They also do not receive any benefits, meaning the company can cut back on insurance costs, medical aid and other benefits which would usually be afforded to permanent employees.

2.  Aiding Fulltime Staff

Temporary workforce staffing can also galvanise your current fulltime workforce and aid them in their duties. For example: If it is a highly profitable time and there is a wealth of work coming in through the doors your fulltime staff may need additional help. Perhaps they are working on a large project and need some assistance? Sustainable Placements can provide you with a high calibre, highly talented individual, or individuals, to help muck in and see the project through to completion. Temporary employment services also seek to bring new blood into the workroom, keeping things fresh and adding a different perspective to the current workforce. If the individual is carefully selected, which we pride ourselves on, this temporary employee may even inspire your current fulltime staff, ensuring that they put their full effort into the project at hand.

3.  Flexibility and Simplicity

Our flexible staffing solutions programme is specifically designed to make your life easier. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? The great thing about temporary employment or contract employment is the flexibility. With these staffing solutions an employer is able to decrease downtime during profitable periods and increase productivity during slow, negative periods. Temporary staff can be removed and introduced at any time, making flexible staffing solutions ideally simple for the business owner.  

4.  Testing for Permanent Employment

Are you unsure of hiring as a business owner? Then staffing solutions are suited to you. Perhaps your business is experiencing a time of economic uncertainty and you are not quite ready to hire permanently, in which case temporary employment services are perfect for you. Staffing solutions are the ideal way to “test the waters” when it comes to candidates. If they fit in well and you wish to hire them permanently this can be achieved with ease.

5.  Increased Productivity and Growth

There are a number of cases where a business owner will need to hire additional workers, and staffing solutions provide the necessary man power with very little long term commitment. This means if you are not reaching the goals you had hoped to reach and you wish to cut back on staff, the temporary employees can be removed very easily. Many business owners will turn to contract recruitment to promote growth, increase productivity and stay ahead of the competition. It is the ideal solution for the savvy business owner and presents minimal ramifications regarding suddenly laying off staff.

If you find yourself in need of extra staff then contact Sustainable Placements where we will help you obtain talented, flexible staff so you can fill the vacancies you need. We are committed to making your life easier, increasing your businesses productivity, nurturing growth and bolstering your staff with highly trained, qualified individuals through our staffing solutions process.

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