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For more information on what we offer
or for general inquiries, call us on

+27 21 911 2018

Executive Placement for Leadership Positions in Your Business

Executive placement is unlike permanent placements and staffing solutions because extra care needs to be taken in locating and selecting the perfect candidate for the job. People in executive positions have a massive influence on the rest of the workforce and therefore it is the job of executive placement agencies to find a candidate that is not only suitable on paper, but whose ideals and morale fibre blends well with the company, ensuring a harmonious, lucrative working environment. 

Sustainable Placements is dedicated to effectively filling executive vacancies in South Africa. We employ sophisticated recruitment programmes and systems to source top talent and niche skill sets in order to fill managerial positions in your business. Over the years, our executive placements have spanned across multiple industries, aiding business owners in sourcing the right individuals for leadership positions in their companies. It is this commitment to excellence that has seen Sustainable Placements rise to the position of one of the top executive recruiters in South Africa. 

Our executive recruiting programme sources specialised and professional executives and seeks to fill the executive job vacancies which you have opened up in your business. We are not just out to fill the gap, but we are focussed on providing the right candidate for the job. However, we understand that your company cannot be functioning at optimum efficiency while there is an opening in a management position. This is why we ensure a fantastic turnaround time on all of our executive placement projects.

The Executive Placement Process

An executive placement involves the hiring of specialised, senior, executive personnel. Employing an experienced, qualified individual requires care, attention and a fair amount of negotiation. As a recruitment agency it is our job to facilitate the executive placement of these individuals into your company.

We make the entire process easy for you by providing a number of services which will ensure that the transition goes smoothly. Sustainable Placements will carry out the initial screening of potential candidates, negotiations on remuneration, and eventually the employment contract. We run decisions by you and will not reach a verdict without your consent. Basically, our job as executive recruiters is to make life easier for you so that you can maintain productivity during a difficult transition period. 

At Sustainable Placements we, as executive recruiting specialists, understand that you simply cannot take a chance with executive appointments. An executive is in a position of power, he or she holds a leadership role, and if they do not fit in with the ethics of the company it can have a disastrous effect. Poor leadership can affect work ethic which in turn will impact profitability and ultimately lead to massive revenue loss. That’s why, as recruiting executives, we employ a selection of techniques during the executive placement interview phase to increase the odds of landing a good hire.

What We Look Out For As Executive Recruiters

When interviewing and screening candidates for executive jobs it is important to remember that all candidates will be highly qualified and experienced. Our executive placements go beyond qualifications as we assess the individual on a number of strict criteria to ensure that they will fit in and flourish within your business.

Firstly we ensure that the candidate’s character fits in with the culture of your business. This entails us having a firm understanding of your organisation and the culture within, in order to ensure a successful executive placement. We analyse the ethics, morals and values of the candidate to ascertain whether these values align with those of your company. It is imperative that we as executive recruiters understand that a candidate may have all the necessary qualifications on paper, but if their values do not mesh with those of your company – conflict is imminent. 

Secondly we turn to you as an employer to discuss your hiring goals. What kind of an individual are you looking for? Do you want to shift things around, get in some new blood and shake things up, or would you prefer to go for a more loyalist approach? The answers to these questions are essential if we hope to successfully complete the executive placement process.  

We also seek, as we have touched on, to go beyond the paper. Yes, a candidates experience and qualifications are important, but they are not the be all and end all of a successful placement. After many years as executive recruiters we have discovered that the ideal executive for your company may not be the most qualified candidate. A successful candidate is an individual who shares similar values, shares an interest in your company and who is enthusiastic about moving your company forward. This person may not be the individual with the most degrees or experience under their belt, but the individual who possesses the passion to see your company grow.

Finally, we conduct background checks on all candidates just to make sure that the individual who we are potentially placing in your company has an unblemished record. This is relatively easy and can be picked up with a standard Google search, because most executives who have worked their way to the top have more than likely left a paper trail behind them.

After this rigorous executive placement process we are confident that we would have found a suitable individual to commence in a management role in your company. As experienced executive recruiters we are certain that we can provide you with a valuable service which will ensure that your company has the best suited executive personnel to fill the vacancy. Contact Sustainable Placements today for effective executive placement services. 

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