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For more information on what we offer
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We Conduct Extensive Full Background Verification Checks

Full background verification checks are a vital component in the hiring and placement process. With the struggle for jobs and the increasing unemployment rate it’s no surprise that approximately 40% of CV’s are laden with false information. Often job seekers bolster their resumes in order to seem more attractive to potential employers. However, as an employer you want the truth in order to be aware of the capabilities and limitations of potential employees.

At Sustainable Placements we take great care in conducting thorough, professional background checks. We want to ensure that you receive honest candidates for the vacancy at your business. We run ID verifications and criminal record checks to guarantee that applicants are who they say they are, so that their smirched past, if that is the case, does not cast a poor reflection of your company. In addition, we also run extensive credit background checks while looking into the candidate’s employment history.

Often it is not possible for a business owner to do thorough background checks on a pool of candidates; you simply do not have the time. Rather cast that task our way and we’ll do the research. Allow Sustainable Placements to verify that your candidates are who they claim to be and save yourself the headache of having to deal with an incompetent employee who doctored their resume in order to get their foot in the door at your company.

Our full background verification checks include the background screening processes below.

Qualifications and Experience Background Screening

In order to successfully place a candidate in a position background screening and thorough background checks are a vital part of the process. This part of the placement process seeks to weed out all the applicants who perhaps have not been entirely truthful in their CV’s.

Our background screening evaluates the content on an applicant’s CV. Background checks in this regard can range through a number of different areas; from checking if the candidate has obtained the qualifications which they claim, to their employment history. Candidates may fabricate tertiary qualifications, leading you to believe that they can complete certain tasks when in reality, they can’t. They may also alter the length of time regarding previous employment, saying that they have more experience in the relevant field. Sometimes candidates may completely fabricate previous employment, dreaming up companies and phantom job titles which don’t actually exist. Job seekers may also raise their previous salaries in the hope that they will be paid more at the next company which employs them.

We seek to drill down to the truth and verify whether candidates are who they say they are and whether they have achieved all they say they have. We will contact tertiary institutions to confirm the validity of their qualifications, and conduct checks into employment history; contacting previous employers to ensure that the companies do exist, finding out how long they were employed by the company and their salary while they were employed.

In addition, we also run credit history checks in order to judge whether candidates are responsible and financially stable. This is accomplished by checking the credit report of each applicant.

ID Verifications

When placing candidates it is essential to conduct ID verifications. This serves to ensure that candidates are who they say they are in their resumes, avoiding any awkwardness at a later stage when an employee turns out to be someone else.

Fraudulent acts and instances of fraud are on the rise in South Africa. Now more than ever it is important that potential employers obtain ID verifications of the candidates vying for the vacancy in their business. Not only can an individual using a false ID be a danger to other employees, but their actions can also effect the credibility of your business should their cover be blown.

This part of the background check process can also verify candidate’s driver’s licenses, determining whether they are valid. Many positions require candidates to have their own transport or a valid driver’s licence. Often job seekers will state that they have a valid licence when actually they don’t.

We ensure that all candidates are who they say they are through running ID verifications, making sure that you don’t get caught out at a later stage.

Criminal Record Check

A criminal record check is one of the most important components when it comes to background screening. Employers want to know about the criminal history of potential employees, and rightly so. For example, if a candidate has a history of violence then an employer may not wish to hire them if their business is conducted in a stressful, high pressure environment. The same can be said of drinking and driving convictions and other transgressions. A thorough criminal record check will lay all the cards out on the table, ensuring that the employer is aware of the candidate’s criminal past.

Understandably candidates with criminal records will often omit their convictions from their CV’s. Despite the fact that an individual may want to turn over a new leaf and start again, the employer still needs to be aware of their past in order to make an informed decision before hiring. Therefore a criminal record check is an important part of the placement process.

At Sustainable Placements, we want to ensure that candidates have a clear history before setting up an interview with your company. A criminal record which goes unchecked could have a negative impact on your business in the long run. That is why it is extremely important to run a criminal record check on each and every candidate.

Summing up the Process

While this breakdown of background screening may seem to cast job seekers in a bad light, this is not the intent. There are many qualified and experience job seekers out there who are worthy of your employment. However it is extremely important that you, as the employer, as well aware of a candidate’s history before you hire so as not to uncover any nasty surprises once they are on your payroll.

Sustainable Placements is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of each candidate. We assess their credibility through a selection of background checks and are dedicated to providing the employer with the correct information, so they can make an informed decision.

For thorough, professional and highly reliable full background verification checks let Sustainable Placements conduct the background screening on your potential candidates.

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