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For more information on what we offer
or for general inquiries, call us on

+27 21 911 2018

We Write Successful Job Descriptions

When it comes to finding the right candidate to fill a vacancy at your company job description writing is extremely important. Not only will a good job description help narrow the field when it comes to applicants, but it will also inform the applicants of the responsibilities which the job entails, the necessary qualifications and experience and the salary bracket.

A well written, carefully crafted job description will ensure that the thousands and thousands of online job seekers will be well aware of the requirements you are looking for. It will state the particular candidate which you are searching for and lower the number of applicants who will apply for the job. Don’t think of it as losing potential candidates, but rather providing your company with the opportunity to fish in a shallower pool, giving you a better chance of catching the candidate you want.

At Sustainable Placements we write clear and concise job descriptions for our clients who are hiring new staff. While our job descriptions clearly state what you are looking for in a candidate, as per your specifications, we take great care in ensuring that these descriptions are not inflexible. We believe that the purpose of seeking out new individuals is to promote development and growth, and we try to convey this message in our job descriptions. After all, the best candidate on paper may not be the best candidate for your company.

What Do We Aim For When Writing Job Descriptions?

We always ensure that our job descriptions are precise and practical in order to fulfil your needs as the client. Before we draw up a job description we take great care into finding out exactly what you are looking for in a candidate.

Your specifications may include the areas of responsibility required by the position. You may choose to highlight the expectations which you wish the successful candidate to meet. You may also wish to outline opportunities regarding the position, such as possible advancement in the company and other growth opportunities. Finally you may choose to include a salary outline to encourage applicants to apply. This will also inform job seekers on the level of the position, for example: junior, middleweight or senior, and will ensure that you have individuals with the relevant experience applying for the position.

What We Outline in Job Descriptions

Job description writing needs to include specific outlines in order to let job seekers decide if they are suitable for the position.

When we write job descriptions we focus on the individual tasks which the successful candidate will need to fulfil. We will also specify the desired qualifications (degree, diploma, etc.) and the working relationship which the successful candidate will need to have with the other employees. If the position requires working with a group then we will specify this in the job description. If an individual prefers working by themselves they will never function well as part of a team, and vice-versa. We will specify this in the job description in order to encourage applicants who will work well with the company and gel well with the team.

What Additional Information We Include:

Most importantly our job descriptions always include clear job titles. This will ensure that the advert attracts the right candidates in the relevant field. When writing job descriptions we include a summary of the position. This will help job seekers to decide if the job is suited to them.

All of our job descriptions include objectives which the company hopes to achieve through hiring an employee in that position. It will also include the specific duties of the position, so that an applicant is well aware of what is expected of them, and if they will be able to fulfil these duties.

Our adverts will also specify the role within the company. This depends on the position. Are you looking for young blood in a junior position who will then develop and grow into the company? Are you looking for a senior candidate who will lead and a team, coordinate meetings, and galvanise staff? Specifying their potential role within the company is extremely important if you wish to find the right candidate.

Finally, you also have the option to include details like location; candidates may or may not apply depending on where your business is located. Additional requirements may also include, specific skilled equipment, collective bargaining (if you are going to be dealing with unions), and salary range.
Ultimately it is up to you what you wish to be included in the job description. We will advise you as best we can and once we have received your specifications we will compile a clear, concise, professional job description in order to attract the ideal candidate to your company.

If you are an employer seeking to fill a vacancy at your business then why not let Sustainable Placements craft an informative, professional job description for your company? We know what job seekers and looking for and we know what business owners need. Allow us to find a middle ground and help you fill that vacancy without you having to lift a finger.

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